Backwater Valves

A backwater valve is a device that gets installed right where your main building drain, or main sewer leaves your house. It is a little box with a gate that will close if the city’s main sewer system can’t handle the flow of water it’s receiving.

Much of Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas have older sewer systems. This generally isn’t an issue for a homeowner. However, once in a while, when the clouds open up and dump excessive amounts of rain, the cities sewer system can become overwhelmed. This is where the backwater valve comes in. In that rare situation, having a backwater valve will protect you from a backed up sewer and a potential flood in your basement. Most municipalities also have rebate programs that will help cover some, or all of the cost.

Thinking you might need a backwater valve? Call the team at Dekorte Plumbing and let us help you protect your basement and home from flooding.

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