Emergency Valves

Plumbing code currently states the only fixtures requiring an emergency valve are toilets, dishwashers, and water heaters. Well, it’s not hard to imagine what happens if any one of the other fixtures in your home that don’t have an emergency valve, begins to fail. Dekorte Plumbing Inc are your local plumbing experts when it comes to emergency valves. We carry a wide array of valves on our trucks and we always recommend emergency valves at all fixtures so that when the plumbing fails, you’re protected.

Water Heater Emergency Valves

The water heater is the only source of hot water throughout your home. It is tank that is constantly kept at a certain temperature to provide safe, comfortable hot water. However, if the tank develops a leak or a tear, it can cause significant damage very quickly. You will have a valve to shut off the water heater by code. We highly recommend you ensure that valve is functioning. If you’re not sure about it, call us. We’d love to help put your mind at ease.

Faucet Emergency Valves

Like your water heater, faucets are the cause of many plumbing failures. In the same way emergency shut off valves are recommended to protect your home should a faucet fail. We carry many different valves on us at all times to ensure we can help protect your home at a moments notice.

Toilet Emergency Valves

Plumbing code says every toilet must have an emergency shut off valve. It is important to make sure that all toilet emergency valves are operational. If a toilet begins to leak from a cracked tank, or leaking gasket, you will need to shut that valve off until a repair can be made. Dekorte Plumbing is the only call you need to make to ensure proper and safe operation of your homes toilets.

Outside Hose Taps

Winter is cold. And as such, if your outside hose tap has not been shut off properly, there is a good chance that the line will freeze and split causing a leak when you turn it back on in the spring. Like all emergency shut off valves, your hose tap valve must work to ensure this doesn’t happen. There are various types of hose taps and valves. Let us help you decide which is best for you so you are protected and can peace of mind.

Main Shut-off Valve

Every house has a shut off valve where the main water line enters the dwelling. This valve will shut off the water to you whole house. This is the most important valve. Any time a water line leak, or an existing emergency shut off valve needs attention, the main shut off valve must be used. We recommend 2 valves, one before and one after the water meter. The 2 advantages of this set up is 1) your water meter can be easily repaired or replaced, and 2) you have the security of a second main valve should one not work.

Needless to say, emergency shut off valves are a very important part of your homes plumbing system. Dekorte Plumbing is ready and able to help get your plumbing system safe and up to date so your home or business is sufficiently protected.

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